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Classification of garbage can
Memories, beautiful and sweet; outlook, full of happiness and hope. In today's society, people's living standards continue to improve, environmental protection and air pollution has become a serious problem that can not be ignored. In the street, from time to time to see this phenomenon, peel, garbage bags thrown everywhere, got piles of garbage, flies everywhere stink. It is not a good thing to live in such an environment for a long time, nor is it what people want. Therefore, the invention of the great environmental protection dustbin".
The trash is a tiny existence, it looks the most humble, but everywhere, street, neighborhood, and even every family has, the ordinary things most likely to make people ignore the existence and use of it.
Below I will give you a general knowledge of the trash can:
General trash can have the following:
According to the use of occasions: public trash, household garbage cans, medical garbage can
According to the form of: separate garbage can, classified garbage can
According to the processing material: plastic trash can, stainless steel trash can, ceramic trash can, wooden trash cans, cement trash cans, paper pulp trash cans, metal trash cans, steel wood trash cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic garbage can
According to the style: colorful trash, induction trash, automatic compression trash can
According to the open type: open type, cover type, trample open cover, induction (infrared)
Classification of garbage collection garbage classification: (in general, we classified by color: green is put recyclable garbage, yellow for non recyclable garbage, red put toxic and hazardous waste)
Non recyclable garbage: mainly kitchen waste, including skin, vegetable skins, leftovers, etc.;
Recyclable garbage: paper, plastic, rubber, metal, glass etc.;
Toxic and hazardous waste: batteries, fluorescent tubes, mercury thermometer, paint barrels, drugs, cosmetics, etc..
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