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Types of leisure chairs
Arm chair
        There are referred to as back chairs handrails, except the chair, chair, the rest are called armchair. The style and decoration simple but also complex, often and tea table with synthesis, with four chairs several placed in the hall on both sides of the, symmetric type display.
Massage chair
        Massage can dredge the meridians, so that blood circulation, to maintain the body's Yin and yang balance, so after the massage can feel relax the muscles, joint flexibility, people in high spirits, the elimination of fatigue, to maintain a healthy body has an important role. The principle of massage chair is to imitate artificial massage, but it is the use of mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion to massage. Massage chair according to the body curve along the spine by swing, Shiatsu, kneading take, pushing and rubbing and other massage massage deeply. When people sit in the massage chair to enjoy the fun and relax, as if someone in their back, rubbing shoulders.
Swivel chair
        Upper part and the general chair of style is not much difference, except the seat with a title of "single elevator legs of the shaft, so the human body seat by can freely rotate left and right. The chair's not too early, is a chair China earlier to absorb foreign style furniture.
Rocking chair
        Chair capable of rocking back and forth. Han Beiping, chief of the "African night story": "after he and we shook hands, sitting in a rocking chair."
Cane chair
        Bamboo is made of various kinds of chair frame body, and the field is made of various kinds of chairs. The corresponding and rattan chair, rattan chair, rattan chair etc.. Rattan chair is breathable and flexible, the best choice with a backrest chair, and put on a footrest, so that the legs can be flat to prevent lower limb ischemia.
Deck chair
        Lounge chairs for the Qing Dynasty appeared with new style and functional use of the furniture, Chinese feudal society at the end of the process and technology continue to improve, people pay more attention on the quality of life is becoming more, living appliances, classification and finer, furniture also produce a new breed of like chairs. Chair has many nicknames, "before going to bed chair", "warm chair", "rocking chair", "spring chair" and so on, are chairs on a style of different titles. With the chair of modern materials can be: rosewood, bamboo, rattan, Aluminum Alloy etc..
Folding chair
        For many centuries, folding chairs have been regarded as one of the most important furniture, and a symbol of social status. In ancient civilizations, folding chairs are not just for people to take their seats, but also for formal occasions and ceremonies.
        In ancient Egypt's furniture, folding chairs were listed as one of the most important furniture. The development of folding chair began in about 2000 BC to 1500. At first, the folding chair is a special seat for military commanders on the battlefield, and it is also a symbol of power and prestige. Although the time in the passage of time, the folding chair has always been a symbol of power.

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