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Outdoor trash cleaning knowledge
Daily maintenance method for outdoor garbage can
Outdoor trash is generally used in outdoor public places, if improper maintenance, will lead to outdoor trash service life is shortened obviously, today Xiaobian introduce how to outdoor trash for daily maintenance.
The sanitation supervisor is responsible for the training and guidance of outdoor trash cleaning. The cleaning foreman is responsible for assisting the supervisor to check the cleaning work of the outdoor dustbin.
The quality standard of clean trash: 1, trash in the set position; 2, the garbage or window with the company logo on the side; 3, Recyclable trash placed on the left, Unrecyclable trash on the right place; 4, trash in the garbage can not be more than 4/5 barrels of capacity; 5 in the tank, garbage bags, garbage bags can not be exposed; 6 intact, not leaking; regular cleaning, 7 barrels, keep mosquitoes no odor; 8, keep the surface clean: no stains, no stains, no dust, no rust; 9, trash surface paint evenly. Often check the water inside the bucket, timely disposal of stagnant water, one is to prevent the deterioration of water caused by mosquito breeding, two is to reduce the corrosion of water on the barrel body, thereby effectively extending the life of the trash.
Trash cleaning procedures: 1, to open the barrel lid with garbage removal; 2, will be set in the trash barrel garbage bag is removed, even if the garbage removal, garbage bags filled with the contents sealed; 3, the barrel clean; 4, the new garbage bag again set inside the barrel in the trash on the cover of the garbage can; ground cleaning 5, placing garbage clean; 6, the outer surface of the garbage back and clean trash. In order to give the masses to create a clean and clean atmosphere, which leads to a good guide to the garbage thrown into the trash.
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