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Garbage recycling is no longer a slogan
Garbage has gradually entered our life, everywhere can see high streets and back lanes the shadow of the trash, garbage classification is indeed a good thing, not only contribute to the recovery from waste, protecting the environment, but some residents of the garbage classification below a little fuzzy, Becky bucket industry will take you know a garbage classification of knowledge.
Recyclable waste refers to waste can be recycled, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, cardboard etc.; Unrecyclable garbage refers to Unrecyclable garbage, including fruit, leaves, flowers, leaves and branches leftovers.
Europe and the United States developed countries and domestic garbage classification experience tells us: garbage classification is a prerequisite for scientific treatment of waste, garbage reduction, resource based, harmless to lay the foundation for processing.
1, will be the main component of the waste kitchen waste classification, to provide high-quality raw materials for waste composting, the production of high quality organic fertilizer, help to improve soil fertility, reduce the amount of fertilizer application;
2, the classification of hazardous waste, reduce the content of heavy metals, waste organic pollutants and pathogens, a harmless treatment to reduce waste, water, soil and air pollution risk disposal;
3, improve the proportion of waste recycling, reducing the demand for raw materials, reduce carbon dioxide emissions;
4, the popularity of environmental protection and garbage knowledge, enhance the whole society of the sanitation industry awareness, reduce the difficulty of sanitation workers work, the formation of respect, care about the atmosphere of sanitation workers.
It is recommended that the general public to pay attention when the garbage classification, so that the classification of garbage bins Street play its due role.
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